DEMAG Motors

Z Cylindrical-Rotor Motors, Conical-Rotor Brake Motors

DEMAG Motors perform a wide variety of industrial drive tasks. Reliably and effectively. For example, our type Z cylindrical-rotor brake motors – also as brake motors – offer high drive efficiency – also in continuous duty. They are specially designed to match our gearbox range and provide for simple project engineering. Our conical-rotor brake motors with outputs of up to 55 kW are used for stopping-and-starting drives or for direct line-fed travel applications. Thanks to their unique brake principle, they are the first choice wherever demanding requirements have to be met by the brake.

Perfectly Engineered Braking Performance

Our Z cylindrical-rotor motors perform a wide variety of industrial drive tasks – reliably and effectively. They are suitable for a broad range of applications, offering outstanding performance:

  • motor output up to 45 kW
  • inverter-fed drives for travel applications, line-fed travel and continuous operation
  • specially designed to match our range of gearboxes
  • simple project engineering
  • high drive efficiency
  • software tools to calculate drive requirements according to specified physical characteristics at

Conical-Rotor Brake Motors Maximum Performance

Simple, robust and reliable – these are the key characteristics of our KB conical-rotor brake motors. Their unique brake operating principle eliminates the need for separate control or additional switching elements. This is due to the mechanical connection between the brake and rotor. The result:

  • particularly high braking performance
  • approval for operation with extremely high switching frequencies
  • two-speed pole-changing motors
  • drives for starting-and-stopping applications and for direct line-
  • fed travel motions
  • resistance to temporary overload
  • KB motors can be connected to gearboxes via a coupling.
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